Vision, Mission and Values



To develop and promote holistic, high-quality academic achievement with faith, integrity, under free and safe environment which empowers to explore fields of endless possibilities.


Westfield mission is to design, create and build an extraordinary educational environment for our students, their parents/guardians, clients and employees that reflect our high standard and uncompromising commitment to excellence. We will create a high possible educational sector which will be defined as “BEST OF CLASS” in all of our developments operating, and cultural endeavors by executing the following quality educational principles:

1. We will operate Westfield with the overriding objectives of maximizing quality education.

This effort will be driven by a long-term prospective high – quality trained teachers and

2. Westfield will operate with clear and consistent emphasis on providing the absolute best education.

3. We will provide safe, efficient, clean, and well- presented educational facility; which will make our clients proud of their educational choice.

4. High trained professional teachers and administrators are committed to the strictest ethical standards.

5. Westfield values her role in the community in which she operate, as such, we are committed to active participation by all employees to ensure the community realizes the benefit of Westfield establishment. Excellence through our attitude, hence, Westfield motto: Excellence is not a skill, it is an attitude.


Excellence is not a skill, it is an attitude.